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Welcome! Iyengar Yoga is for everybody!

Due to Covid 19 we are suspending most of our classes beginning Tuesday, March 17 and for the month of April. We are also rescheduling Mary Reilly’s weekend to Oct 2 – 4.

We are also looking into online classes that we may be doing. We will keep you posted.

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If you are home bound remember that yoga can help the immune system. Here are 2 sequences though the poses should be done with head support. One is more challenging than the other.

Mary Reilly – Rescheduled
Oct 2 – Iyengar Yoga Intermediate Teacher Training
Oct 2 – Evening Iyengar Yoga Public Workshop
Oct 3 – Iyengar Yoga 2 Public Workshops
Oct 4 – Iyengar Yoga Introductory Teacher Training
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